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Welcome to our new Buzz site for Learning Interactives!  We are working to develop a truly informative site that will discuss the latest advances in microlearning and the development of learning resources. So, what types of articles can you expect to see over the next few weeks?


  • discussions on how microlearning is impacting the educational community – from the classroom to the lifelong learner.
  • review of new technologies and methods from our instructional design team.
  • where is this digital revolution taking us? Our digital gurus will explore the possibilities.

If you have an idea, please use our contact page to send it our way!

See you soon!

Michael Windelspecht is the CEO of Ricochet Creative Productions and the lead content developer at Learning Interactives. You can follow him on Twitter @MWindelspecht or his personal blog, TheWindelspectrum.com.

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